Top 10 Reasons to Hire Ross!

Reason #1 - List & Sell. This popular program is what 80-90% of property owners choose because they do not have the time, patience, or specialized knowledge it takes to sell their own properties. They understand, by hiring highly skilled, motivated REALTORS for 3rd party negotiations, it actually increases the net at closing because REALTORS already have the marketing system in place to find the best offer, and using professionals also lowers the risk from potential litigation.

I provide a cost effective way to buy and sell real estate without the worry of making costly mistakes.

I will:
* provide effective marketing plans using precise pricing strategies with the latest market data. All marketing photos edited by Lightroom and Photoshop!
* solve or avoid potential title problems
* use many creative financing strategies
* resolve inspection/appraisal requirements
* expedite repair problems
* comply with state law requirements on property & lead based paint disclosures
* comply with current fair housing laws

Buyers worldwide access my marketing systems 24/7. They can log onto my websites to get answers to all types of Real Estate Questions and Property Information anytime day or night from anywhere in the world! I get over 20,000 hits per month!

I will install a "24 hr Recorded Information" rider on the "Day Realty" yard sign so anyone can call 405-378-6700 and input the extension number to get information 24 hrs a day. No more waiting on a busy Realtor to call back, no more empty info boxes, no more info boxes with old flyers with out of date information, buyers get the information they need instantly and they can dial directly to my cell phone for showings!

Up to 35 COLOR Digital Photos of each property are put on my websites! I have invested thousands in the latest state-of-the-art technology, cameras, lens, computers etc! I also have 4 Licensed Buyer Representatives to make sure every buyer is followed up on.

Our Average is 53 Days on Market.
Our average Sales Price is 98% of List Price!
Our listings are 3 times more likely to sell the first time on the market than with the average real estate company/agent!

I have many years of experience and closed hundreds of transactions. I specialize in new and used residential homes, commercial properties, farms and ranches, land, acreages, distressed properties, pre-foreclosure, and short sales.

With my Education, Experience, and Professionalism, I can help you too!

Reason #2 - Expired Listings.

If you have been using another company to help you sell your property and your listing contract has expired, I will do extensive market research to find out why your property did not sell and together we will come up with a 30 Day Marketing Action Plan!"

Reason #3 - Cash Sales.

This program is for sellers that need to sell immediately. I know buyers that will pay cash and close fast, any area, any condition! Even as fast as 48 hours!

Reason #4 - Short Sales.

This program is for homeowners that owe more than what the property is worth. If you are behind on your payments, or in pre-foreclosure, please call me immediately! There is no reason to let your property go into foreclosure. I know how to get your lender accept ASIS market priced offers, and the best part is they will even pay my commission! There is no financial gain for them to pay all the money to foreclose on a property they can sell and get their money back now!

Reason #5 - (FSBO) For Sale by Owner/Builder Services.

If you are a For Sale by Owner, and do not want representation or an advocate on your behalf, but would like to use some of our services. I can provide Transactional Brokerage Services, for either you, the buyer, or both, for a small negotiable fee. This cost may be split between parties. I can also provide signs, & website advertising too. Check out the $495 MLS Listing Program! Wow! This gives you access to the entire market! I now have 14 Programs for sellers, just click on the link on the left "Unbundeled" Real Estate Services"! Now you the homeowner pay only for the services you need!

If you have been thinking of calling a number in the newspaper and selling to investors, or calling a "NOAGENT" company remember they will buy with "NO Commission, and NO FEES", but they will usually only pay 70% or less of market value, and many times they will "flip" your property to someone else within days, relieving you of your hard earned equity in the process. My advice is ALWAYS call a REALTOR......any REALTOR for advice on selling your property. WE are professionals dedicated to getting more for your property, in the least possible time.

Reason #6 - Flat Rate Fees.

I also offer sellers who own property Limited Service Programs at a Flat Rate! JUST FILL OUT FORM ON THIS PAGE FOR ALL THE DETAILS!!

Reason #7 - Lowest Cost Guarantee.

I am also offering homeowners my lowest cost guarantee. If you are interviewing other Realtors, be sure and call me, and I will beat any other service offer, Guaranteed! I will also discount 25% Off if I sell it myself!

Reason #8 - VIP Buyer Program (Buyer Representation)

This FREE program is for ALL BUYERS! My advice is to never buy any Real Estate without Professional Representation. Realtors with an ABR (Accredited Buyers Representative) designation are specifically trained to help buyers. If you decide to buy on your own, by law, you are assuming all the risks of buying, i.e. Caveat Emptor (Let the Buyer Beware). Only Experienced Professionals can help you avoid making costly mistakes!!

We know how to save you money in ways you will never think of!

Reason #9 - Personalized Service.

If you have already moved or are getting ready to move, I can arrange everything for you , including the closing, by fax, email, or overnight delivery. I can also arrange maintenance and/or upkeep even after you have moved!

Reason #10 - Satisfaction Guarantee.

Remember, I work for FREE until closing. If I can't sell your property, you owe me Nothing! With my 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE, if you aren't satisfied with my service, and we can't work it out, I will release you from any obligation to me!

So you have absolutely nothing to lose! Testimonials are available on my website!


Call me to arrange a time for your Free, No Obligation, In-Home Consultation. I appreciate your business and trust. Thank you in advance!

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